Contracting services (electricity and others, except decoration in m²):

- € 40.00 the first hour (indivisible), then € 30.00 per additional hour, divided into half-hour.

- € 250.00 Full Day, tooling and travel included

- Package for longer interventions

This does not include supplies

Decoration and surface modification:

- 35,00 € to 40,00 € / m² for laying tiles, glue and seal included, excluding tiles

- Painting interior walls start at € 12.00 / m² inclusive

- Paint ceiling and exterior walls start at € 15.00 / m² all inclusive (including cold high pressure cleaning for exterior, possibility for hot high pressure, antifungal treatment...)

Prices may vary depending on the condition of the surface (very damaged ceiling, bad leveled floor, kind of colors and products ...)

Home Management

- € 30,00/visit (opening, closing, checking) for an apartment or a classical house

Free estimates for other projects, on demand.


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